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Amadeus RLC

Born in 2013, Amadeus RLC is our principal stallion. His sire is our own
Napoleon RLC and his mother is Jerezana RLC. He is at home in Lincoln, CA and is available for breedings.

Don Leon


Mil Amores 2001-2010 “In Memorium”

Mil Amores, born in 2001, was Fermin’s first purebred Andalusian, and many offspring in the U.S. and Mexico have his pedigree. His father, Axis Ingrato IX, comes from the legendary military Agente line.
Mil Amores and his offspring inherited his father’s graceful, athletic, beautiful form along with a gentle temperament.

Napoleon RLC

RETIRED. Napoleon is at home at the ranch in Lincoln and is retired. He
socializes with the mares and foals and is enjoying retirement. During his 19 years as a stallion in Mexico and California, he sired many beautiful and handsome Andalusian horses. His name is on pedigrees all over. He still gets fixed up and participates in holiday parades occasionally.

Distinguido DE TRUJILLO


Faralay II


Ilustrado MAR




Uranio XXVI