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Mil Amores 2001-2010

MIL AMORES 6227(S) “Thousand loves,”
Much beloved and missed.
Sire to Sultan
Sire: Axis Ingrato IX 2518(S) Dam: Chinapa (4238(S)

Mil Amores sire is AXIS (Spain-Ingrato IX ) Black PRE Stallion
listed in the LIMPRE Book of Merits
Imported from Spain
b. 1985, bred by Jose Luis Escalera
Black, unmarked, no recessives SIRE- Lebrijano III

Axis/Ingrato IX is from the famous military stallion Maluso. Maluso’s lines are known for breeding true to type with incredible cadence and proper athletic movement. Maluso had several famous sons. Agente is the son in our pedigree. The Agente line, bred such horses as Leviton who of course sired RegaladoII owned by Gremlan farms. One of Agente’s most influential son’s, to the Spanish, was Lebrijano III, Axis’s sire. Lebrijano III was bred and owned by Jose Luis Escalera. He also stood at the Spanish Stud for several years before being sold at an older age to another breeder. He is important for many reasons but mainly because if a horse has Lebrijano III in his paper work he was almost assured to be a top notch Dressage horse. This holds true to this day.
Invasor, of the Olympic Silver Medal winning Dressage team is a Lebrijano III grandson.

Napoleon AR

Born August 22, 2004
Napoleon AR, a beautiful gray stallion is back in Fremont, Ca.