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For Sale


Andalusian mare, 4 yrs. old, due to foal in March, 2024. Available for purchase after foal is weaned (approx. Aug. 2024). Registered with IALHA. Sire is ANCCE & mother is IALHA. Beautiful trot and movement. Great temperament. She has been raised in a herd and is compatible with other mares/geldings. She is shown in small arena and pasture, muddy but happy to be running and showing her trot. She will become gray as she matures.


Presenting Guapo (“Handsome”) RLC, a pure Andalusian colt born May 2022. He will become gray. His excellent pedigree includes sire, Distinguido de Trujillo and mother, Triguerina (“Farolera”). Farolera is registered with ANCCE. Asking $10,000 for this beautiful, spirited colt who can be registered with IALHA or ANCCE. Price is negotiable. Please contact Fermin for more information.


ANCCE registered Purebred Andalusian mare.
Born 04/04/2014. Beautiful gray mare, proven to be a succesful brood mare.
Sire: Napoleon RLC Mother: Tinerfena III.